New Version of Website Almost Ready

I am working on an improved version of the website (Beta Version 0.6). The new version has a better browser interface for accessing the numbers and a more detailed description about the number generation process. I also added a bunch of statistics from the analysis of the numbers along with a comparative study of my numbers against Quantum RNG and some other common techniques for generating random numbers.

I also improved the algorithm for scaling integers. The new rounding function is already tested and active on the website. I will make a post on this blog explaining the details in a few days. Basically, I found an issue with the distribution of numbers in small integer sets due to when a scaled floating point number is rounded up to the next integer. I developed a better rounding technique. Floating point numbers are not affected since they are not rounded. The original technique was using the library rounding function which I found does not always properly round the numbers in special cases. So I wrote my own function. The details will be in the post which I hope to get up in a few days.

I am planning to have the new site up by Monday July 18. If you have any suggestions, comments, issues, about the site, please post here or send me an email

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