Major update almost finished

UPDATE July 22

Decided to make a change to the API which is taking a bit longer than planned. Hoping to be finished testing it later today.

I decided to re-work the entire structure of the server side processes. After months of experimenting, modifications, tweaks, the code was getting gnarly. So I decided to completely restructure the server side code. This will allow much easier updates, removes many redundancies, makes the code more readable (very important for long term maintenance), and is simply cleaner following best practices. As such the update is taking a little longer than initially planned.

I am testing everything on a shadow test site before posting. The logic is much improved. Some restrictions on ranges are removed as they were originally used for development purposes to catch problems. The new site has a cleaner look with much more information and instructions obviously placed where applicable.

I will start uploading to the website on Wednesday (July 20) and hope to have everything checked out and verified  for proper operation by Thursday morning.

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