The List Scrambler is now operational

The List Scrambler is now operational. You can type or paste any text into the edit box, Click the Scramble button, and the lines of text will be re-arranged in a random order. The process removes blank lines and excess spaces from the text before scrambling. The limits are much higher than other websites that offer scrambling. Any text can be pasted into the box up to 5 megabytes. The Scrambler will process up to 100,000 lines at a time.

Once the process is finished, your text is purged from the server. The filtering process only looks for EOL characters and white space characters. The text can be any valid UTF-8 characters.

Note that although the website uses a secure connection, you should not put any sensitive information into the text box.

Still beta testing, so let me know if you encounter any problems, issues, or have any requests or suggestions.

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