Password Creator is now operational

After trying a variety of techniques for generating passwords, I decided to provide three variations of Password Creators.

Random Characters and Symbols: This creator chooses random letters and symbols to create a password. Various options for symbol sets and excluding easily confused characters.

Random Word Passwords: This creator uses a list of 109,462 English words. Words are randomly chosen until both the minimum number of words and minimum length for the password is satisfied. Options for separating words with symbols, numbers, and/or spaces.

Orthographic Passwords: This works similar to the Random Word Passwords, except instead of using a list of words, words are created by combining vowel and consonant orthographies.  The list of vowels contains 157 elements, the consonant list has 174 elements. The generator randomly chooses whether to begin the word with a vowel or consonant. If that element ends in a vowel, then the next orthography is chosen from the consonants list, and vice versa.

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