Lottery Number Picker is now operational

The Lottery Number Picker is now operational. Two versions are online. The first version is designed to be very easy to use. Select a Lottery, enter how many lottery tickets to generate, then click the Generate Numbers button. Your numbers will appear in the box on the page. Just click the Generate button again to create another set of numbers.

The second version is the Custom Lottery Number Picker. This page has a form with which you can set all possible options. When the Generate Numbers button is clicked, a results page will open with a URL that can be bookmarked or copied for use in an application program to access the API.

The algorithm uses the Unique Numbers generator which creates a scrambled list of integers where each possible number is randomly chosen exactly once. The lottery algorithm then picks the numbers for each lottery ticket starting at the next number in the list. If not enough numbers remain in the list to fill all the draws, then a new list is generated.

A second draw, such as a bonus number or Powerball number, works the same way, but with its own list. The second set of numbers is separated from the first set by a slash character.

The algorithm will use as many numbers without repeats as possible. For example, if the lottery chooses 5 numbers from 39 possible numbers, then 7 tickets can be generated before a new list needs to be generated.

5 numbers drawn 7 times equals 35 numbers. That means that all but 4 of the possible 39 numbers will be used once before a new list is generated. While statistically all number combinations have an identical chance of being picked in the lottery, this algorithm will maximize the usage of all possible numbers. This minimizes biases toward any specific number.

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